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Matt Kiefer

(ph: Matt Kieffer)

Towards new approaches of SDG 5 and Women’s Rights:
Addressing the Gendered Impacts in Small-Scale Fisheries

(Andrea Marina Galassi)

“[…] the division of labour in fishing communities often follows traditional patterns with specific tasks assigned to women and men. However, gender roles in labour are not static, as they constantly need to be reshaped and negotiated. Thus, with this meaning of gender in mind and taking into account that the fishing industry is largely perceived as a male-centric, this paper will focus on exploring the gender-based dimensions of small-scale fisheries in order to assert the challenges of women’s work in fisheries.”





Links that connect us – Protecting submarine cables

(Ankit Malhotra)

“[…] Submarine cables have been common practice since 1850. But only in 1988, developments took place in the form of fiber-optic submarine cables. Resultantly, technology-enabled, reliable and high-quality transmission of vast quantities of information traveled across oceans silently and smoothly. This technological leap coincided with the development of the Internet in 1991. The two technologies supported and supplemented each other and revolutionized communications. We now use submarine cables to effortlessly transfer 95 per cent data of international telecommunications of the universe.”

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