YLoS – Volume 1


Volume 1 – ‘Law of the Sea, Interpretation and Definitions’

The “Associazione di Consulenza in Diritto del Mare” (ASCOMARE) is pleased to inaugurate its Yearbook on the Law of the Sea (YLoS). The First Volume focuses on ‘Law of the Sea, Interpretation and Definitions.’ Contributions were sought in respect of articles examining the content and legal scope of undefined terms of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and other related instruments. The call also appreciated papers assessing the historical and evolutionary meaning of such terms against the backdrop of State practices and international case-law.

In line with the goal of ASCOMARE to promote knowledge-sharing and facilitate a uniform understanding of the law of the sea in all the regions of the world, the YLoS will be available (in English) on this website, in a digital open-access format from 1 June 2022. Open-access allows readers, North and South, to get access to academic knowledge that is normally available behind large paywalls.

In addition, a printed version of the book is published by Luglio Editore, and it is already available for sale. You can support our project and objective to ensure a free and open access to the content of the book by purchasing your copy of Volume 1 at this link or sending an email to info@ascomare.com.

The YLoS Editorial Board would like to congratulate Prof. Felicity G. Attard for winning the 1st edition of the ‘Aldo Leucci and Ortensio Degli Atti’ award with her article titled “Limitations on the Duty to Render Assistance at Sea under International Law.”

For any questions about the Volume, please contact Mr Marco La Rocca (Head of operations) or send an email to info@ascomare.com 

The initiative was supported by:

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