YLoS – Volume 2

Volume 2 – ‘Fisheries and the Law of the Sea in the Anthropocene Era’

The ‘Associazione di Consulenza in Diritto del Mare’ (ASCOMARE) is pleased to present its second volume of its Yearbook on the Law of the Sea (YLoS). This volume focuses on fisheries and the law of the sea in the Anthropocene Era. The book aims to provide an influential legal viewpoint on the way the corpus of rules of international law, including those governing maritime spaces and activities, addresses the multi-level and integrated nature of fisheries-related problems and opportunities in the Anthropocene era.

In line with the goal of ASCOMARE to promote knowledge-sharing and facilitate a uniform understanding of the law of the sea in all the regions of the world, the YLoS will be available (in English) on this page from 30 June 2023, in a free and digital open-access format. Open-access allows readers, North and South, to get access to academic knowledge that is normally available behind large paywalls.

In addition, a paper version of the book is published by ‘Luglio Editore’ (Trieste) and it is already available for sale on important e-commerce platforms, and on the publisher’s website.

ASCOMARE is a not-for-profit organisation. All the operational costs of this Volume and other editorial initiatives are borne by the organisation. You can support the free and open-access policy of ASCOMARE by purchasing a paper copy of the Yearbook at this link (or sending an email to info@ascomare.com). For each paper copy of the book sold through this form, ASCOMARE will use 50% of the book’s revenues to fund the R.C. Scholarship covering the costs of law of the sea training and materials for undergraduate and LLM students. The remaining 50% will be used to cover the operational costs of the Yearbook and secure its open-access format also for the future volumes. Terms and conditions on the submission of applications of the R.C. Scholarship will be published on this website by December 2023.

Last yet importantly, the YLoS Editorial Board would like to congratulate Dr Fawkes, Dr Nakamura, and Dr Lennan for winning the 2nd edition of the ‘Aldo Leucci and Ortensio Degli Atti’ award with her article titled ‘Leveraging International Fisheries Law for Maritime Security in the Anthropocene: Addressing Conflicts in Fisheries’.


  • Pietro Consolandi, Mekhala Dave – Haunting Pasts to Flowing Futures: In Search of Oceanic Agency
  • Óscar Cabello Sarubbi – ITLOS Advisory Opinions and International Law
  • Mercedes Rosello – Disordered Legal Pluralism and Legal Security in Internationally Shared Fisheries
  • Kyle Fawkes, Julia Nakamura, Mitchell Lennan – Leveraging International Fisheries Law for Maritime Security in the Anthropocene: Addressing Conflicts in Fisheries
  • Andrea Longo – The Human Dimension of Fishing Activities: Towards a Broader Meaning of Illegal Fishing?  
  • Chin-Chia Tien – Reflections on the Human-Fish Nexus in the Law of the Sea: Innovations in Legal Doctrine for Sustainable Fisheries
  • Johanna Sophie Bürkert – The Central Arctic Ocean Fisheries Agreement – Legislating for Resilience? An analysis of the CAOF Agreement from a Socio-Ecological Systems Resilience Perspective
  • Felipe Morais Santos, Camila Graciola – Development and Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture in Brazil: A Legal Analysis
  • Tullio Scovazzi – The Italian Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Pierandrea Leucci – Enforcement Jurisdiction Against Ships Without Nationality Fishing on the High Sea
  • Pierandrea Leucci, Ilaria Vianello – Concluding Remarks

For any questions about editorial project, please contact Ms Chiara Pavesi (YLoS Coordinator) or send an email to info@ascomare.com 

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