YLoS – Volume 3

Volume 3 – ‘Maritime Security, New Technology and Ethics: Evolving Challenges and Opportunities’

The ‘Associazione di Consulenza in Diritto del Mare’ (ASCOMARE) is pleased to launch the call for papers for the Third Volume of its Yearbook on the Law of the Sea (YLoS).

This Volume will focus on the regulatory, legal, and ethical implications of the use of new technology in maritime security, including the need to ensure intra-generational equity and proportionality (North-South) in the development of new regulatory mechanisms for access and benefit-sharing of resources and technology. Preference will be given to articles focusing on challenges, including ethical ones, and opportunities of the use of new technology in maritime security with an eye to the law of the sea’s implementation and development.

The most insightful contribution will be awarded with a copy of the prestigious Volume III of the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982: A Commentary” (Virginia Commentary).

Submissions are welcome both in English and Italian

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 July, 2023

Volume 3 strives to serve as a tool to support the work of international law experts, judicial institutions, policy makers and legal practitioners in the field of fisheries and the law of the sea.

In line with the goal of ASCOMARE to promote knowledge-sharing and facilitate a uniform understanding of the law of the sea in all the regions of the world, the YLoS will be released in a digital open-access version. Open-access allows readers, North and South, to get access to academic knowledge that is normally available behind large paywalls. Authors submitting their applications agree with this publication/open-access policy. Next to the online open-access version, a paper version of the YLoS will be published by ‘Luglio Eitore’ (Trieste) and will be available for sale.

Editorial Board: Prof. Ilaria Vianello, Mr Pierandrea Leucci (Editors); Prof. Ademuni-Odeke, Dr. Adonis Tafangy, Prof. Andrea Caligiuri, Prof. Daniele Mandrioli, Prof. Daud Hassan, Dr. Peter Clinton (Advisory committee); Mr Marco La Rocca, Ms Chiara Pavesi, Ms Andrea V. Salamino, Mr Matteo Bedendi (Secretariat).

For any questions about editorial project or submissions, please contact Ms Chiara Pavesi (YLoS Coordinator) or send an email to info@ascomare.com 

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